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"I  truly appreciate the "above and beyond" that you did for me! I could put all the cliches in at this point, but i think you know them all: closing the book, turning a page, getting on with my life. Right now all i can come up with is thank you."



 "It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you. Your pleasant demeanor and knowledgable counsel helped this whole process go as smoothly as we could have hoped. " 

 Martha and Jeff


 "You went the extra mile, over and over again to insure our successful closing and a positive experience for all involved."         

 Ileen and Russ


"Katie, we are thrilled! Thank you so much! You did a great job!"



"I  cannot tell you how comfortable and reassured I felt knowing that there was no problem-big or small- that was not instantly resolved by you. Whether it meant dealing with the lawyers, or consulting with an expert, befriending the tenant, or cajoling a broker, or hand holding, you were a pro from beginning to end."




"Everyone should have a broker like you! We are thrilled! Thank you for your hard work!" 

Anne and Charles



"We are very grateful to have you as our broker during this exciting and challenging time in our lives."

 Belen and Nickolei



"Thank you for all of your help, but most all thank you for your friendship."   

 Susie and Mark



"Thank you for all of your help. I could not have done it without you! "  




"With much love and thanks. We will always cherish the love and care you showed us during the sale. " 

 Debbie and Glenn



"Thank you for everything you did to make our move a reality. We are so appreciative of all your efforts."
 Rachel and Bart


"We  really appreciate your expertise, honesty, and time to help us."  

 Jenn and Raj



 "We  really appreciate everything you are doing to get us going! We'd be lost without your help!"      

Lauren and Stefan



 "Thanks for all of your help and devotion in finding us a house! We appreciate all your hard work."

  Shelley and Jim


"Thanks for doing such a great job. It's very reassuring for me being so far removed."




 "Katie possessed the perfect blend of local knowledge, responsiveness, honest, cool demeanor, and Southern charm. We couldn't have asked for a better recommendation. Simply put, She is nothing short of "as good as it gets!"

Sal and Kate



" We have worked with many Brokers, all over the world. Quite frankly, you're the best!"

Mick and Jet